There are event productions, and then there are Global Impact Productions. Our view is uncommonly simple: We don’t produce logistics, we create memories. Our events create a caring community that moves together from one place to another, often over several days. People feel good about themselves when they’re cared for, and when they’re given the opportunity to care for others as well. There’s a halo effect, and the beneficiary is your organization.

Of course, we take care of the necessities: Safety is job one. The route is clearly marked. We secure permits - often more than 100 of them per event - for the jurisdictions through which we travel. There are always enough snacks and water at the rest stops, or as we call them, "Oases." Volunteer crew is present at tricky intersections, and sweep vans are always available for participants who need a lift.

But it's the moments we exceed your expectations that set us apart. When you get to the top of that impossible hill and we're waiting for you with cupcakes. When you think you can't take another step, until you hear the voice of a stranger - soon to be your friend - giving you gentle encouragement from behind. It's the moment you realize that everyone around you really cares about your well-being and wants to see everyone succeed, together. We create the backdrop. Our participants make the experience possible. Your organization reaps the benefits. And it works, every time.

The professional staff and volunteer crew were continuously, infectiously enthusiastic. BRAKING AIDS® Ride is more professionally run than any other fundraising event I’ve participated in - and way more fun!
— David, Rider #170