Our event philosophy is a holistic one; it goes far beyond the event itself. Global Impact Productions creates opportunities to engage, giving individuals, non-profits and companies with common ideals the means to build a better world, one cause at a time.

We develop platforms for engagement: insight-driven, integrated, branded fundraising programs. A custom-designed event anchors each platform and brings it to life. 

Every program combines superior strategy with executional excellence to provide the means for companies, non-profits and individuals to make an impact on a cause they care about.

What does the platform for engagement mean for you? It means that you’re plugged in to a like-minded community. Connected. It means that together, we can accomplish more than any one of us – whether a non-profit, a corporate sponsor or a citizen of the world – could ever accomplish alone.

What can we do together with you?

When someone offers you the chance to make the world a better place, you take it.
— Chad, Rider #111